Dates of conference: 21.09.2023 — 31.10.2023
Dates of receiving applications: 09.10.2023 — 31.10.2023

The abstracts presented at the international scientific and practical conference are structured in accordance with the organizational structure of its meetings. The topic of the reports reveals a wide range of problems of modern scientific research in the field of architecture, urban planning, design of the architectural environment, construction. The scientific and practical nature of the conference makes it possible to present a variety of modern approaches in project activities, the practice of education and the management of architectural and urban planning activities in combination with the results of fundamental and applied research in various fields of knowledge.

MARCHI digest is the results of research and design and experimental development, publication analyzing the practice of design and construction, urban development, research done by representatives of schools, teachers and employees of departments of scientific laboratories Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) and other organizations. Collection of articles focuses new knowledge and experience of project work and will be useful to teachers and researchers, planners and managers, students and graduates - architects, designers and urban planners.
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